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Luffy: This is the moment everyone's been waiting for!
Let's see who's the true great Shonen Jump hero!
Pirates VS Ninja, we'll settle this once and for all!
I'll Gum-Gum Pistol you and your little chakra ball!

I can take down all your Shadow Clones with a Gum-Gum Gatling Gun!
Then I'll go Gear Second, this is gonna be fun!
Your best friend betrayed you, and you still want him back?
Oh I get it, he was a good pitcher in the sack!

Or maybe you've got the hots for that bitch Sakura!
She beats you daily, dude! Go for Hinata!
You two deserve each other, this is a fact!
At least with her, you won't get your ass smacked!

But back to my point, I'm way better than you!
My Devil Fruit moves will beat ALL your Jutsu!
You can't beat me, I'm King of the Pirates!
At least I don't go around saying "Believe it!"

Naruto: That stupid catchphrase was only in the dub you know!
You should get it, since 4Kids knocked your popularity down-ttebayo!
Funimation may have saved you but some wounds never heal!
I'll be like my dad, in your mama's gut I shall seal!

Your rubber ass can't harm me when I'm in Sage Move!
You wanna go Gear Second? I'll bring out my big toad!
Gamabunta'll school your ass any time!
And at least I WENT to school, and didn't go for a life of crime!

There's still some good in Sasuke, I just know it for sure!
Hell, at least I'm not some freak who can't stand water!
You're a goddamn pirate, what were you thinking?!
Anytime you go overboard, you'll just end up sinking!

You wanna challenge me and my Rasengan?
I'll invoke the Nine-Tailed fox's power, BRING IT ON!
I'll cut you up with my kunai, I can handle blades you know!
I'm a better swordsman than that marimo Zolo!

Luffy: OH YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE! His name's spelled with a R!
Screw 4Kid$! They dub really crappy, ram their asses with a car!
I've got women chasing after me, Alvida and Hancock
Nami and Robin, their bodies make dudes hard as rocks!

You think your little kunai can cut me up?
Hell Usopp and Chopper can mess you up!
You stole a move during the Chuunin Exam!
What was it called? The Naruto Rendan?

You had to beat Neji while breaking your own creed!
Using your predetermined power to gain some speed!
Sure, you may have mastered several Jutsu,
But my Gigant Pistol will never miss you!

Ramen eating runt! I eat meat off a bone!
Like I said, I'll Gatling Gun ALL your Shadow Clones!
My straw hat is way cooler than your little bandana!
I'll get the Thousand Sunny and shoot you with a cannon!

Naruto: His name's Zoro? I didn't really pay attention.
What a ripoff name, you really must be messing!
You think Boa HanMOCK can handle Granny Tsunade?
She'll use her super strength to kick that slut's ass any day!

Hey, I don't even need kunai, I got the Rasenshuriken!
Usopp and Chopper beat me? No they can't!
Hell, that guy Sanji was supposed to be named after me!
And Kakashi'll turn into scrap that cyborg Franky!

Sakura's super strong, she'll beat both Nami AND Robin!
Zoro's got 3 swords, is he compensating for something?
Rock Lee'll break Brook's bones like they were made of glass!
And I'm gonna cut up your little straw hat!

That isn't even yours! You got it from Shanks!
The two of you aren't even at my rank!
King of Pirates? Bah! After today,
I'm definetely gonna be the next Hokage!

Luffy: Rank? You're still a Genin! You haven't moved up!
I'm worth 400 million, so shut the Hell up!
That little emo Gaara couldn't beat Crocodile!
And your old master Jiraiya was probably a pedophile!

I've got the Marines chasing me, you've got no real enemies!
Zabusa and Haku, well they were a little cool, definitely!
That bastard Akainu'll melt you all into slag!
At least I don't turn into a girl, you little fag!

Naruto: My Sexy Jutsu's hotter than all your girls combined!
You wanna make fun of the Pervy Sage, well then FINE!
Don't make fun of gays, and don't call me a fag!
Like Shikamaru would say, this battle... What a drag!

Kiba will rip Chopper to shreds!
And Shino'll use his bugs to color Usopp red!
Sanji won't even hit Hinata, she'll use her Gentle Fist!
To give him a heart attack, and in his pants he shall piss!

Luffy: Well, I got more sales!

Naruto: And I get all the tail!

Luffy: Your series epically fails!

Naruto: Well, you belong in jail!

Goku: Everyone shut up! I'm the original Shonen Star!
With you two around, they really lowered the bar!
Luffy, you're based too much off of me! Hell, your last name's Monkey!
I could turn into one as a kid, isn't that funny?

And you! Fox-boy! Take those whiskers off, know your place!
Stop going to Ichiraku and stuffing ramen in your face!
Try something else, because I can eat anything!
I spent Master Roshi's money, his tournament winnings!

Luffy, I like you more! But you're a professional criminal!
But the Marines are A-holes, so I guess it's typical!
Naruto, your first 20 or so chapters sucked!
It was only until the Exams that you started having luck!

I've saved the universe so many times I can't tell!
I've beaten Frieza, Majin Buu, and even Cell!
This is Shonen Jump man! We shouldn't be playing!
Let's have a real brawl, I'll go Super Saiyan! (They fight)

YOU DECIDE! (Or maybe I will)
Here it is! The match-up everyone's been waiting for! Ciao!

One Piece Eiichiro Oda
Naruto Masashi Kishimoto
Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama
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cheshcat2 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014
what's the perfect music to go with this
FireballDragon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student General Artist
I 'unno. I just write the lyrics.
Sword-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DBZ...ergh...Naruto...meh...One Piece...oh for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD!!! :iconorzplz:

Okay, rap battle-wise, I could see Luffy pulling some good points about his abilities and the abilities of Naruto's, as well as some of the underlying premises being shorthanded. That being said, I'm going to rant for juuuuuuuuust a second.

DBZ is the bomb, but it could have been so much more awesome if it hadn't been a case of "guess how long it'll take for the planet to get blown up". Every foe they faced increased in power, which could have been cool, except for the fact that the only characters who could keep up had Saiyan blood. The best battle was facing Vegeta the first time, and that was because the humans (even though most died right off) were able to stand their own. It was a human who thought to and actually did cut off Vegeta's tail, not Goku. That being said, that's...pretty much the highlight of human fighting. Krillin was probably the strongest human (16, 17, and 18 were androids, close but now what I'm talking about), and he's so picked on!

...sigh. I wish they had done more with the humans...I felt I could relate better to them then to the Saiyans and other characters... (Rant over)

So...yeah. Anyways, my vote is for Edward Elric.
FireballDragon Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Funny you should mention FMA, I just realized I made a rap featuring them VS the Kongo Bros. from Eyeshield 21 and didn't upload it.

But why're you slamming your head on the wall regarding OP? I thought you liked it.
Sword-Demon Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The OP made good points, but Naruto had good points too. Mainly in reminding me of how crazy it is that so many people in that world eat a fruit that makes it so you can't swim and then take to the's...I'll just stop there. It's good, got great action, and I'll just sit over here now. :iconinthecornerplz:
orochiandsiren Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Personally i liked naruto better, im more for stories that are serious and make sense, one piece was too...goofy...
FireballDragon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Student General Artist
I like One Piece better.
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