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The Shadow Attorney #2: The Trial 1 Year Ago (Part 2)

Raymond: (Narrating) Previously, on The Shadow Attorney...

Josephine: Please leave my office or else I'll call security.

Client: You'll be SORRY FOR THIS!

Roman: So, we still up for dinner tonight?

Josephine: At your place? Definitely.

Graystone: I'm Detective Graystone of the NPD.

Josephine: You're arresting me?

Graystone: For the murder of Chase Roman.

Josephine: Do you believe I'm innocent?

Shadow: I'll do whatever I need to.

Cardstack: Andrew Cardstack of Orville Law Offices.

Shadow: What exactly is the “hard evidence” that Cardstack mentioned earlier?

Graystone: ...A business card. It's hard evidence.... Because it belongs to the defendant. (Cardstack bows)

Ella: You think I LIED?!

Shadow: Anyone can lie.


Graystone: The prints aren't in the system, but we can safely say they're not the victim's, defendant's, or witness's.

Shadow: I think I know just the guy.

Cut to the Nicklepole Police Department, where Ella can be seen sitting in an interrogation chamber.

Graystone: We trusted you! And this is what we get?! Lies?!

Ella: I had to do it! I couldn't just stand idle while Red was gonna get away with what she did!

Graystone: What she did? What did she do?

Ella: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.

Graystone: That's true. You did commit perjury, after all.

Ella: No one ever takes us seriously, anyway.

Graystone: ...What do you mean by that?

Meanwhile, Shadow can be seen watching the conversation from a hidden camera.

Ella: I'm not saying any more. I want a lawyer.

Shadow: “Us” huh? That's all I needed to hear.

At Ella's house, Shadow begins investigating.

Shadow: There was too little evidence to be found at the crime scene. If Mrs. Zajerate is covering for him... He must have hidden the rest here somewhere. (Starts searching)

Shadow searches by cannot find any evidence. He knows he's running out of time before “he” comes back.

Shadow: Wait a minute... Where's his room? (Finds the master bedroom) A computer...? Aha! (Activates it)

The computer's monitor shows a screen name, and a empty text field.

Shadow: EdZ... Is the Z for Zajerate? Looks like I need to enter a password... (Sees a drawer) Hmm... (Tries to pull it open) Locked... There's no keys here... Must have taken it with him. ...Fine. (Punches through the drawer and yanks it open, scattering the contents onto the floor) You gotta do what you gotta do. (Sees various pieces of evidence) Jackpot.

Shadow searches the drawer contents, and finds several pieces of evidence.

Shadow: A pair of gloves. (Smells them) That scent... Unmistakable. A day planner. (Sees several people's names in it) He's got a lot of people to see. And what's this?

Shadow finds a note card with a certain message on it...

Shadow: Password: 5-4-23-1-18-4... Ha. As if a trick like that could fool me. (Goes back to the computer) The password is... EDWARD. (Presses the Enter key) Aha! (Goes to the documents folder) Huh. Whoa.

Hours later, a man can be seen walking out of his car. His face is hidden, but he seems very familiar... When he goes into his room, Shadow can be seen from behind, with several papers around him.

Man: What the?! What is this?! Who are you?!

Shadow: I'm the man who indicted your wife for perjury... (Turns around) Mr. Ed Zajerate.

Zajerate: Ella?! Under arrest?! ...Wait. How do you know my name?

Shadow: Next time, pick a more clever password for your computer, you greenhorn.

Zajerate: (Sees that his drawer has been broken into) You broke into my house and destroyed my property! I'LL CALL THE POLICE FOR THIS!

Shadow: You know, funny thing; your wife said the same thing, and I was like “Perfect! I'll tell them all about your drug abuse then!”

Zajerate: What did you expect?! She works as a nurse at a very busy hospital!

Shadow: Oh I know. What I'm getting at is this; go ahead and call the police! I'll tell them all about how you've been harassing several law firms so they can take your completely ridiculous excuses for lawsuits!

Zajerate: What?!

Shadow: Your wife refused to make your work lunch, your coffee was too hot, you stubbed your toe on a door, the water from a drinking fountain was too warm, you got pickles on your burger when you didn't order any! You've used those, and MANY MORE, as reasons to sue people! Unfortunately, every single lawyer turned you down, as they should have! However, you've recently been harassing Redenbacher Law Offices with these charges! With one particular lawyer; Miss Josephine Jones!

Zajerate: I don't know any Josephine Jones!

Shadow: You're lying! These papers I have here are all the e-mails and notices I found on your computer! There's letters of refusal, notices for you to cease and desist, restraining orders, and you've even collected all the news about you! Edward Zajerate, arrested for assault and battery... Starting riots... Appearing before the courts at least 3 times a month... And... Cheering when the restaurant that messed up your order went out of business? There's petty, and then there's this.

Zajerate: THEY ALL DESERVED IT! No one ever treats me right! It all started when I was a child! My parents abused me left and right! They never gave me candy, they never let me stay up at night, they never let me stay at the toy store... JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!

Shadow: (With a dumbfounded face) 'Jeez, grow up, man!'

Zajerate: So what if they find out about what I did? They're not gonna arrest me for it!

Shadow: They'll arrest you for the murder of Chase Roman, that's for sure.

Zajerate: WHAT?! What did you say?!

Shadow: I found a business card at Roman's house. It was his, but there was a thumbprint on it. It didn't belong to him, or Miss Jones, or even your wife. But your wife did say she was covering for you.

Zajerate: She what?

Shadow: Well, she didn't say it exactly, but she did say how “no one understands us”. US, Mr. Zajerate, US! She was talking about you, her husband! And once the police match the thumbprint to you, we'll know that you were at the crime scene the night Roman died!

Zajerate: ...You're pretty clever for a kid. But you'll never be able to prove I killed him.

Shadow: Hmm?

Zajerate: Where's all this evidence gonna go... While you're ASLEEP?! (Knees Shadow in the stomach and punches him in the face, knocking him out) Have a nice flight, Hat Boy! (Throws him outside the window, into the bushes outside his house)

Hours later, Shadow wakes up, sunken into the shrubbery.

Shadow: Ugh... My head... Zajerate... He's probably gotten rid of the papers... And the original copies on the computer too. But I should have enough evidence to get him... (Gets up) Tomorrow... This will end. One way... Or the other.

At the courthouse...

Josephine: Huh? (Sees Shadow sitting down on a bench) Shadow! ...Are you alright?

Shadow: Huh? I'm fine, Milady. Just a little... Banged up.

Josephine: Banged up?

Shadow: I'm fine, okay? I've actually found out who the guy was.

Josephine: The guy? You mean the killer?

Shadow: Yeah. I'll get him, don't you worry.

Josephine: Get him? Isn't he still on the loose?

Shadow: ...Maybe. 'But if he really wants to finish this... He'd do what I'd think he'd do.'

In the courtroom...

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Court is now in session for the trial of Miss Josephine Jones!

Shadow: The defense is ready, Your Honor.

Cardstack: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.

Rudy: Now, I understand that the prosecution has a new witness?

Cardstack: Yes. A final, decisive witness... That will prove the defendant's guilt without a doubt! (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams her gavel) Order!

Cardstack: I call... Mr. Ed Zajerate to the stand!

When Zajerate takes the stand.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Gods?

Zajerate: Of course, of course, of course! You can count on me!

Rudy: He seems... Awfully cheerful.

Shadow: 'Please... He's just exaggerating.'

Cardstack: Mr. Zajerate, do you know about the murder of Chase Roman?

Zajerate: Who?

Cardstack: ...Chase Roman, the victim in this case.

Zajerate: I don't know any Chase Roman.

Cardstack: The police found your prints on one of his business cards at the crime scene.

Zajerate: Oh! Oh, him! He offered me a business card, but I gave it back to him. It's only natural that my print would be on there then.

Shadow: Objection! Can you prove that you gave it back it him, and didn't just take it?

Zajerate: Can you prove otherwise?

Shadow: ...No. Withdrawn.

Cardstack: So, other than the business card, you never met the victim any other times?

Zajerate: Nope.

Cardstack: Nothing further. (Grins) 'Beat that, Shadow Attorney.'

Shadow: 'Showtime.' Mr. Zajerate, you said you had never met the victim at any other time? Meaning you only met him once?

Zajerate: Yes, that's right.

Shadow: No, that's wrong! (Presents the day planner) I have here your day planner! On a certain page lies an appointment with someone... An appointment you seem to have conveniently forgotten! Read it out loud please.

Zajerate: Uh... Um...

Shadow: Read it.

Zajerate: ...”Confront Roman after work.”

Shadow: And what day does it say on there?

Zajerate: ...Two days ago.

Shadow: At the time of the murder, no less! You were to meet with Roman at the time he died!  (The crowd murmurs and Rudy slams her gavel) Mr. Zajerate, you lied to us about not knowing the victim!

Zajerate: But I still never met him! I was supposed to meet with him at that day, but I couldn't!

Shadow: You... Couldn't?

Zajerate: I had overtime at work!

Shadow: Can anyone verify that?

Zajerate: Well... No. But you can't prove that I was there!

Shadow: Then why was his business card, the one with your thumbprint on it, inside the crime scene?

Zajerate: I told you! I gave it back to him!

Shadow: Then why wasn't it found on him when he died!

Cardstack: Objection! What are you trying to get at, Mr. Shadow?!

Shadow: Take a good look at the business card! Not only does it show his name, workplace, and phone number... It shows his home address too!

Cardstack: WHAT?! (Cape blows in shock) GAAAH!

Shadow: Mr. Zajerate! You used this card as a way to find Roman's house! Then when you killed him, you left the business card there, as you didn't think you'd need it anymore!

Zajerate: But why would I do it?! I don't have a grudge against him!

Shadow: No, but you do have a grudge against someone else!

Zajerate: Someone else?

Shadow: The defendant, Miss Josephine Jones!

Zajerate: What?! Her?! I've never even seen her until today!

Josephine: You're lying! I've dealt with you numerous times! I even have the e-mails you sent me on my work computer!

Zajerate: You WHAT?!

Shadow: The sender isn't the only one who archives their mail, Mr. Zajerate!

Zajerate: How do I know you're not bluffing?!

Shadow: We'll find out. Detective Graystone, print out all the e-mails that Miss Jones has on her office computer at Redenbacher!

Graystone: On it!

Zajerate: Wait, you can't do that!

Shadow: I just did.

Cardstack: Objection! What is the meaning of this?! So you've established his motive! But you've still no proof that he did it!

Shadow: ...You've got that wrong.

Cardstack: What?

Shadow: Recognize (Presents Zajerate's gloves) Mr. Zajerate?

Zajerate: (Starts sweating profusely) N... No.

Shadow: Really? Because I found them in your drawer. Smell them.

Zajerate: What?!


Zajerate: (Sniffs) They... They smell like...

Shadow: Blood. (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams her gavel) I will have order! What's the relevance of this, Mr. Shadow?

Shadow: Your Honor, the witness's gloves have traces of blood on them. I believe if we have the police analyze the blood, it'll match the victim's. Oh, and don't forget the DNA inside the gloves, as well.

Cardstack: 'Grr... That was the same trick he used to get Mrs. Zajerate...!'

Zajerate: You... You... You can't prove those gloves are mine!

Shadow: '...What now? This guy can't possibly have any more excuses!'

Zajerate: So... Roman lent me those gloves... He... Used them for... For... Woodwork! Yeah! He's a carpenter in his spare time, and he cut his hands a lot! It-It's only natural that there would be blood on it then, right?! Right?! ...Anyone?

The courtroom is completely silent for a minute, but then...

Shadow: ...I would say “I'm sorry,” Mr. Zajerate, but I have nothing to apologize for. That was the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

Zajerate: (Squeaky) What?

Shadow: I found an empty water gallon inside the trash can of the crime scene. It had a pair of bloody hand prints on it. The hand prints didn't have any fingerprints on it... Because they came from a pair of gloves.

Zajerate: No...

Shadow: Your Honor.

Rudy: Yes?

Shadow: Motion for me to give my summary on the events of the crime. My... “Closing argument,” if you will.

Rudy: ...Motion granted. (Slams gavel)

Shadow: Thank you. (Ahem) Here's how the crime went down!

ACT 1:
First, the killer talked to the defendant about a lawsuit, and she refused to take it, just like all the other times. This time however, the killer reached his breaking point. He decided to get even with the defendant. After hearing the defendant and the victim talk, he heard that they were going to meet together at the victim's house. So the killer went to the victim's office and got one of his business cards to find out where he lived.

ACT 2:
After leaving, the killer went back home and got two things; first, a pair of gloves he used to avoid leaving prints. Then, a weapon...! The pipe wrench that was left at the crime scene. The killer then used the victim's business card to find his house, where he broke down the front doorknob with the pipe wrench. He then found the victim, cornered him into the kitchen, and struck him. The victim probably died instantly.

ACT 3: Then the killer realized something; he was covered in blood. If he wanted to avoid suspicion, he'd have to find a way to clean his clothes. However, he had no time to use a washer or shower. So instead... He used a water gallon from the victim's cooler in order to clean the blood off! And then he hid it in the trash can, thinking no one would find it. After which, the defendant arrived.

ACT 4: Then... All the killer had to do was apply the final touches. He got his wife to call the police, who arrested the defendant on the spot. After the police and I investigated the crime scene, the killer added one more piece of evidence afterward. This was probably done in hindsight. He used one of the defendant's business cards to frame her! He underlined her name on the card with the victim's blood in order to pin the crime on her! When he found out she was going to trial, he was relieved, not knowing that the other card and the water gallon he left behind were pieces of conclusive evidence...

Shadow: Isn't that so... MR. ED ZAJERATE!?


Shadow: And that solves the case of the murderous man-child.


Graystone: Results are back. Ed Zajerate had sent so many e-mails to Miss Jones, we had to change the ink cartridges 3 times to print them all.

Shadow: 'She hasn't changed to a laser printer yet? She must really be pinching pennies.'

Rudy: Has the jury reached a verdict?

Juror: We have, Your Honor. On the sole count of murder in the first degree, we find the defendant, Miss Josephine Jones...


Cardstack: 'This can't be happening! I, the Prince of Prosecutors, defeated?! ...I'll get you back, Shadow Attorney! I'll never forgive you for this!'

Rudy: Very good. Case dismissed! (Slams gavel)

Outside the courthouse...

Josephine: ...It's over... It's finally over... I'm free...! Thank you Mr. Shadow!

Shadow: You're welcome, Milady.

Josephine: But... This case is sure to damage my reputation. Even if I'm acquitted, no one would wanna take a murder suspect for a lawyer.

Shadow: Milady...

Josephine: What am I gonna do? My career as a lawyer is over! (Turns away) It's just been one big joke! I mean, everyone always laughed at me when I was at the office!

Shadow: Well... People tend to laugh at the future success stories.

Josephine: Eh? What do you mean? (Turns to find that Shadow is gone) Oh... Um... I don't know if you can hear me, Mr. Shadow... But what you just said... I'll never forget. And I'll always remember... How you saved my life. (Her phone rings) Oh! (Answers it) This is Jones.

Raymond: (On top of the courthouse, still dressed as Shadow) Hello, Mila- I mean, hey, Miss Jones!

Josephine: Raymond?

Raymond: I heard you just got off the hook for your boyfriend's murder!

Josephine: Yeah, you should have seen it! The Shadow Attorney was great in there!

Raymond: Shadow Attorney? What're you talking about?

Josephine: You may not believe me, but he's real! He's a masked attorney, and he saved my life!

Raymond: Oh, Miss Jones... You've been watching way too much TV.

Josephine: Heh, maybe.

Raymond: Say, why don't me, you, and Rachel go out to eat tonight? To celebrate your acquittal!

Josephine: Dinner?

Raymond: Yeah, since you didn't get to do so with Roman. I'll even pay the bill! What do you say?

Josephine: ...Sure! Let's have fun tonight!

Raymond: Perfect! I'll call you back at 6! Later! (Hangs up)

Josephine: Heh, Ray may not be that good of a lawyer, but he sure is one very good friend.

Shadow is seen looking off into the horizon, his face beaming with relief and delight.

Cut to a year later, the present day...

Josephine: '...That was 1 year ago. Ever since then, I've been working my heart out in order to become a better lawyer. I've hope I've made you proud, Shadow.'

Josephine then opens her window.

Josephine: Thank you for everything, Shadow Attorney.

The final shot is Shadow on top of Josephine's roof.

Shadow: 'You're welcome... Milady.'

The Shadow Attorney - Case 2, Part 2
Alright, here it is! Case 2-2 of The Shadow Attorney!

This one's a little shorter than the others, so it should be a quicker read. It's still 10 whole pages though. XD

I don't like how the solution turned out in comparison to the first episode, but I still think it's okay.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rest my brain from thinking so hard when writing this. XD

The Shadow Attorney #2: The Trial 1 Year Ago (Part 1)

Cut to Josephine's bedroom, where she can be seen sitting on her bed, looking out through the window into the night sky.

Josephine: '...For some strange reason... The events that led up to me meeting up with Shadow... Keep playing over and over in my mind...'

1 Year Ago

Cut to Redenbacher Law Offices, where Josephine can be seen dealing with a very outrageous client.

Josephine: I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid I can’t sue your wife for not making you your work lunch today.

Client: But she always did it every day before! To forget such a tradition like that should… Should be… CRIMINAL!

Josephine: Sir, according to the law, forgetting to make someone’s lunch doesn’t constitute as a crime. What you’re doing here is really just overreacting, and I’ve had to deal with your frivolous whining for a long time now. Please leave my office or else I’ll call security.

Client: WHAT?! Why I… You… You’ll be SORRY FOR THIS! (Storms out and Josephine sighs)

Rachel: (Walks in) Him again?

Josephine: Yeah, he’s become a real pain to deal with. Who in the world would take on someone like him?

Rachel: They’d have to be [pretty dumb to do that. (Sees Raymond coming in) Speaking of which…

Raymond: Miss Jones! I got you the files you needed! (Trips over his feet and scatters the files) Oh GODS! Sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry!

Josephine: (Sighs) Raymond… It’s fine. I’ll get them. …You can get up now. …Raymond?

Raymond: (Looking up Rachel’s skirt) Hmm? Oh sorry, Miss Jones. I was just… Enjoying the view.

Rachel: Raymond! (Kicks Raymond in the face)

Raymond: OWOWOWOW! (Gets up) Seriously, if you don’t want anyone to look-

Josephine: Raymond, you know you shouldn’t think that way. Let her wear what she wants.

Rachel: It’s a miracle you’re still here you know. Any other law firm would’ve fired or sued you.

Raymond: Does every conversation with you have to end up with you insulting me?

Rachel: Maybe if you didn’t make yourself so open to insults.

Raymond: Oh, ha-freaking-ha. I'm new here, for crying out loud! You could at least show a little sympathy!

Josephine: Oh calm down, the both of you! Seriously, I’m not your babysitter!

Raymond/Rachel: Sorry, Miss Jones.

Just then, another lawyer shows up, leaning against the office doorway.

Lawyer: Hey there, Jonesy! Your kids getting along nicely?

Josephine: Oh, Roman. I'm not their mother.

Roman: Yeah, but you'd make a great one.

Josephine: (Giggles) Come on, we're not even engaged... Yet.

Roman: “Yet?” ...Yeah, you're right; “Yet.”

Josephine: (Giggles) Roman, you card.

Ray: Ohhhh my Gods, this is gross.

Rachel: I know they're dating, but keep it out of the office, please.

Roman: So, we still up for dinner tonight?

Josephine: At your place? Definitely.

Roman: Great. Catch you later, babe.

Josephine: You know it, sweetie. (They wink at each other and Josephine looks at Ray and Rachel) ...WHAT.

Ray: I don't think I could be any more grossed out than I am right now.

Rachel: Smelly socks.

Ray: …Nope, that's not gonna work.

Josephine: Come on, it's closing time. Let's go home.

When they leave the office, Ray notices the outrageous client from before glaring at them. Ray pretends to not look, but knows that something's up...

When Josephine arrives at Roman's house, she notices something odd about the door, specifically, the knob...

Josephine: What the...? It's... Broken...?! (Goes inside) Hey Roman? Are you there? ...Chase? (Sniffs) That smell... Blood?!

She follows the scent of blood into Chase's kitchen. And when she arrives...

Josephine: Roman?! (Sees Roman's bloody body on the ground) AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE! (Drops to her knees, crying)

Just then, another voice can be heard from outside the house...


Josephine: What?! Who was that?! (Sees a woman with blue hair holding a phone outside the window) What the... Who IS that?!

Woman: PLEASE HURRY! She... She... She looks like she's gonna kill ME next!

Josephine: NEXT?!

A few minutes later, the police arrive. Detective Graystone goes inside.

Graystone: (Sees Josephine) Hey! This is the police! Hands in the air!

Josephine: Don't shoot, I'm unarmed!

Graystone: I'm Detective Graystone of the NPD, who are you?

Josephine: Josephine Jones, attorney at law.

Graystone: An attorney?! Tch. Alright, hands behind your back. (Pulls out a pair of handcuffs)

Josephine: What?! You're arresting me?!

Graystone: For the murder of Chase Roman. We were told that you killed him.

Josephine: WHAT?!

Graystone: Don't struggle! You're coming with me.

Josephine: What?! But... But I...! I DIDN'T KILL HIM!

At the police station's interrogation room..

Graystone: We have a witness who's ready to testify in open court, that YOU, Miss Josephine Jones, killed Chase Roman!

Josephine: But I didn't! I only found the body!

Graystone: Can anyone testify to that?

Josephine: Well... No. I was the only one there. But-

Graystone: No buts! This case is crystal clear! Sorry, but no one will wanna take your case!

Shadow: I do. (Steps out of the shadows) Hello, Graystone.

Graystone: Shadow... I should have known. You always get in the way of my cases.

Josephine: Shadow?

Shadow: Ah, pardon me, Miss. I am known as the Shadow Attorney. I've dedicated my life to freeing the innocent and indicting the guilty.

Josephine: 'He seems familiar... Nah, it can't be.' Do you believe I'm innocent?

Shadow: Depends. Tell me what happened.

Josephine: I was leaving work to see my boyfriend, Chase. I saw the doorknob was broken, and when I went in, I smelled blood. I followed it into the kitchen, and then... I saw him... Lying there... Bloody... And dead. (Sniffles)

Shadow: ...I see. Now Detective Graystone, you said you had a witness for the trial tomorrow?

Graystone: Yeah, Mrs. Ella Zajerate. You gonna question her?

Shadow: I'll do whatever I need to. (Disappears in a cloud of smoke)

Graystone: That guy... He does whatever he wants, and he's got a lot of people in his pocket to boot. Cops, lawyers, judges... He basically bends the law to his own will to get people off the hook.

Josephine: Shadow Attorney... Huh.

Graystone: He's got a good track record regarding cases, but I'm sorry; Andrew Cardstack's on the prosecution.

Josephine: Cardstack?

Graystone: You'll know what that means by tomorrow.

At the house of Ella Zajerate...

Ella: Where is he? He was supposed to be home an hour ago!

Shadow: (Walks out of the kitchen) I'm afraid your husband hasn't made it home yet.

Ella: AAAGH! Who the Hell are you?!

Shadow: The Shadow Attorney, AKA the defense attorney for Miss Josephine Jones. Some people however call me Hatman McMasky.

Ella: Oh, that's cute; a kid like you being a defense attorney? In your dreams.

Shadow: No, in reality. I need you to tell me what you saw a few hours ago.

Ella: Look kid, I don't know how you got in here, but if you don't leave now, I'm calling the cops!

Shadow: Perfect! I'll be able to tell them all about how you dope yourself up with pep pills on a daily basis.

Ella: WHAT?!

Shadow: I've done my homework, Mrs. Zajerate. You work as a nurse at a hospital, and your filing cabinet tells me you've been riddled with patients over the past few months. Your pantry however, tells me that you've been hiding your pep pills in your salt and pepper shakers, cereal boxes, water bottles, and don't even get me started the canned goods.

Ella: How did you know about-

Shadow: The cans? That was just a lucky guess. By the way, you left your soldering iron next to your fridge. You should really keep track of your things.

Ella: ...What do you wanna know?

Shadow: What did you see?

Ella: I was walking home from work, when I saw that redheaded lady hit the victim with a pipe wrench. He fell down and then the lady looked at me. After that, the police came and arrested her.

Shadow: A pipe wrench?

Ella: I saw it in her hand.

Shadow: I see. This is what you'll be testifying tomorrow?

Ella: (Getting her soldering iron) Yeah. If you think you can find a hole in my testimony, then- (Sees that Shadow has gone) Oh, that's real nice, leave right when I'm talking.

Shadow: (Outside holding a small device) Let's see how your testimony holds up in court...

Shadow then goes to the crime scene, and starts investigating.

Shadow: Hmm... Cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. He probably died instantly. (Sees the pipe wrench) The murder weapon... Like Mrs. Zajerate said. Hmm? (Sees a card next to Chase's body) A business card? (Examines it) It's Roman's. Why would it be here next to him? (Looks at the card closer) Is... Is that a fingerprint? Hmm...

Shadow searches the crime scene some more.

Shadow: (Finds a pair of gloves) A pair of gloves... They seem to be a woman's size. That's bad news. Huh?! (Sees an open trash can) It's filled with a giant water gallon. (Pulls it out to examine it) Bloody hand prints? Heh... Tomorrow's gonna be interesting.

Tomorrow afternoon, inside the courthouse...

Josephine: (Sighs) ...This is the first time I've ever been a defendant...

Shadow: Hopefully it'll be the last.

Josephine: Ah! When did you get here?

Shadow: I've been here the whole time. You just didn't notice.

Josephine: Huh... Hey, is that the prosecution?

Shadow: I believe so.

A boy in a colonial wig and red cape goes toward them.

Prosecutor: How do you do? Andrew Cardstack of Orville Law Offices. (Hands them a business card)

Josephine: Josephine Jones of Redenbacher Law Offices. (Hands Cardstack a card)

Cardstack: And I believe you're the infamous Shadow Attorney, are you not?

Shadow: I am. I'd give you a card, but I'm afraid I cannot reveal my name, address, or number.

Josephine: Aren't you a little young to be a lawyer?

Cardstack: I suppose. I've been a lawyer since I was 13. It's been quite a good 4 years ever since. A good 4 years... Undefeated.

Josephine: Undefeated?! For 4 whole years?!

Shadow: 'He's 17? Huh. That makes him a year older than me.'

Cardstack: I've been waiting to face the Shadow Attorney in court. And now that I have, I'd like to make a deal.

Shadow: You're willing to lighten the sentence?

Cardstack: Oh, no, no, no. It's really more of a wager; If I win the case, you are to immediately reveal your true identity and turn yourself in to the police.

Josephine: What?! Cardstack! Shadow wouldn't possibly accept-

Shadow: I accept.

Josephine: What?! Shadow, are you sure you're up to this?!

Shadow: I am. But what if I were to win, Cardstack?

Cardstack: Is an acquittal from a murder charge not enough?

Shadow: So in other words, this deal is made to work solely against me?

Cardstack: You said you were up to it.

Shadow: And I meant it. The evidence will prove my client's innocence without a doubt!

Bailiff: It's almost time for the trial. You better get inside the courtroom.

Shadow: We shall. After you... Milady.

Josephine: Milady? (Chuckles and blushes a bit, then walks in)

Shadow: 'Did she just blush? Weird.' (Walks in)

Cardstack: 'I've been known as the “Prince of Prosecutors” for 4 years! I will NOT lose to a vigilante!' (Walks in)

Inside the courtroom...

Bailiff: All rise for the Honorable Judge Rudy! (They rise)

Rudy: You may be seated. (Slams gavel) Court is now in session for the trial of Miss Josephine Jones.

Shadow: The defense is ready. Your Honor.

Cardstack: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.

Rudy: Mr. Shadow, how does your client plead?

Josephine: Not guilty, Your Honor.

Rudy: I see. Your opening statement, if you please.

Shadow: Your Honor, the defense believes that the crime that took place was not properly investigated. We've picked up several new pieces of evidence that will be revealed in court eventually. These pieces of evidence will prove that my client is innocent. (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Order in the court!

Cardstack: Your Honor, the prosecution has a witness prepared to testify, and hard evidence that proves the defendant's guilt. We don't see any reason to deny either the witness or the evidence.

Shadow: 'Hard evidence? I didn't see anything like that at the crime scene.'

Cardstack: The prosecution calls Detective Graystone to the stand.

When Graystone takes the stand...

Cardstack: Detective Graystone, when did you arrive at the victim's house?

Graystone: Around 8.

Cardstack: And why did you go there?

Graystone: We got a call about a murder that took place there.

Cardstack: Was the caller specific about anything?

Graystone: She said that the killer was a woman, and that the woman might kill her next.

Cardstack: I see. There was only one woman at the crime scene, Your Honor. The defendant, Miss Josephine Jones! (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Order!

Cardstack: Nothing further.

Shadow: Detective Graystone, I only have one question for you.

Graystone: What?

Shadow: What exactly is the “hard evidence” that Cardstack mentioned earlier?

Graystone: ...A business card.

Shadow: 'A business card? Does he mean Roman's?'

Graystone: It's hard evidence.... Because it belongs to the defendant.

Shadow: 'WHAT?!' (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams her gavel) Order! This is new, Detective.

Graystone: To be honest, we were given a tip to search the crime scene again, and then we found it.

Shadow: 'Search the scene again...?' Detective, how do you know that evidence isn't fabricated?

Graystone: Because of the blood on it. (Presents the card) See here? It matches the victim's, and the name Josephine Jones is underlined with it. He clearly tried to tell us who the killer was!

Shadow: 'That's not possible! It must have been planted after I left! But I can't prove it right now...!' …Nothing further. (Goes to Cardstack) Your witness.

Cardstack: The prosecution calls Mrs. Ella Zajerate to the stand.

When Ella takes the stand...

Cardstack: Where were you at the night of the crime?

Ella: I was walking home from work, when I passed the victim's house. I heard screaming, which got my attention.

Cardstack: Could you tell who was screaming?

Ella: It was a man. He sounded like he was in pain.

Cardstack: Did you see the man?

Ella: Yeah, he was the victim. I could tell because he was lying down bloodied up.

Cardstack: After that, what happened?

Ella: I called the police, and the defendant rushed over to the window.

Cardstack: Are you sure it was the defendant?

Ella: I'm sure it was her.

Cardstack: (Bows) And that, as they say, is that. Nothing further.

Shadow: 'Bowing? So pretentious.' Mrs. Zajerate, you just said that you heard a scream, and then saw the victim lying down bloodied up. Is that correct?

Ella: That's what I just said, isn't it?

Shadow: Yes. However, you told me something different last night.

Cardstack: Objection! Testimony outside court is useless!

Shadow: Not if it's recorded!

Ella: What? You recorded that?!

Shadow: I did. (Pulls out the device from last night) This is a recording of the conversation Mrs. Zajerate and I had last night. Listen. (Presses a button)

Ella: I was walking home from work, when I saw that redheaded lady hit the victim with a pipe wrench. He fell down and then the lady looked at me.

Shadow: You said to me that you SAW my client hit the victim! However, if you heard a scream before looking... You WOULDN'T have see her hit him! Because by that time, he would have already been dead!

Ella: Oh! Uh... I... Um...

Cardstack: Objection! Mr. Shadow, what is the meaning of this?! You could have had her write down a sworn statement, but instead you present this?! She didn't even agree to have her voice recorded!

Shadow: One's voice is always better than one's writing. And I couldn't have her answer honestly if I told her I was going to record her. She could have lied to avoid suspicion.

Ella: WHAT?! You think I LIED?!

Cardstack: Shadow, no one should lie in court!

Shadow: Just because no one should, doesn't mean no one can't. Anyone can lie. But yes, either you lied, or you saw NOTHING! So tell us now, Mrs. Zajerate! Did you really see my client hit the victim?!

Ella: Uh... Well... Yeah! She hit him over the head with that pipe wrench of hers!

Shadow: How do you know it belonged to her?

Ella: Well, it's not like she found one and killed the guy with it right? If she planned to kill him, she must have brought it!

Shadow: 'That's... Actually a really good point. ...Wait. WAIT.' Mr. Cardstack.

Cardstack: What is it?

Shadow: That pipe wrench... Did the police find fingerprints on it?

Cardstack: No. No fingerprints were found on the pipe wrench at all.

Shadow: I see... Thank you, Mr. Cardstack.

Cardstack: Eh?

Shadow: You've been a big help.

Cardstack: What?

Shadow: Your Honor, please take a look at these. (Presents the pair of gloves)

Rudy: A pair of gloves?

Shadow: Yes. These gloves were found at the crime scene. They're a woman's size. (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Order in the court! Mr. Shadow, I don't see how this helps your case.

Ella: Yeah, I don't see it either. Doesn't it mean that your client did kill him?

Shadow: No... It means that she was framed!

Ella: WHAT?!

Cardstack: FRAMED?! (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Don't make me put you in contempt! Mr. Shadow, what is the meaning of this?!

Shadow: Think about it, Your Honor. Think about it... From a killer's point of view.

Rudy: Huh?

Shadow: Let's say, hypothetically, my client is the killer.

Cardstack: (Whispering) She is. (Shadow glares at him) What?

Shadow: If she really did hit the victim with the pipe wrench, wearing gloves... Then why would she leave them at the crime scene?!

Rudy: Oh! I get it now!

Shadow: If she really did kill the victim, she would've taken the gloves with her, and disposed of them! But taking them off right there and then? She would basically be saying “I'm the killer!”

Cardstack: (Cape blows in shock) NNGGGAAAAHHHHH!

Shadow: So, Mrs. Zajerate!

Ella: Y-yes?

Shadow: Can you explain why the gloves were left at the crime scene?

Ella: Why would I know?

Shadow: They're a woman's size, aren't they?

Ella: I don't think I like where this is going...

Shadow: Mrs. Ella Zajerate! Do these gloves actually belong to you?!


Cardstack: Objection! Mrs. Zajerate was outside the crime scene when the murder happened! You can't prove those gloves belong to her!

Shadow: Can you?

Cardstack: What?

Shadow: If she really did wear the gloves, she must have left DNA inside it. Skin cells, hair follicles, or something like that. So! Shall we get these gloves analyzed for DNA?!

Cardstack: (Cape blows in shock) NNGGGAAAAHHHHH! (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams gavel) Order! Bailiff! Bring these gloves over to the police-

Ella: NO! NO! You can't!

Rudy: Mrs. Zajerate, you are out of order!

Ella: You can't analyze them! You CAN'T! DO YOU HEAR ME?! YOU CAN'T ANALYZE THOSE GLOVES!

Shadow: And why is that, Mrs. Zajerate?

Ella: ...Okay, okay, fine! You're right! Those are my gloves! But I didn't kill him, you hear? I DIDN'T KILL HIM!

Shadow: Hmm?

Ella: ...It was my pipe wrench that broke down the doorknob. Those were my gloves at the crime scene. But I didn't kill him, honest!

Cardstack: We can't trust you anymore, Mrs. Zajerate! You've lied in front of the court!

Shadow: I believe her.

Cardstack: WHAT?!

Shadow: Because of this. (Presents Chase's business card)

Rudy: A business card?

Shadow: It belonged to the victim. It was found at the crime scene.

Cardstack: Your point being?

Shadow: Why would a single business card be found lying around the crime scene?

Cardstack: You just said it yourself! It's his! Of course it'd be found inside his house!

Shadow: But just one? With no other cards around it?

Cardstack: That evidence is circumstantial!

Shadow: No it isn't. Because there's a thumbprint on it.

Cardstack: A thumbprint?! (Shadow nods) Detective Graystone! Get this analyzed immediately!

Graystone: On it.

A few minutes later...

Graystone: We got the results.

Cardstack: And?

Graystone: The prints aren't in the system, but we can safely say they're not the victim's, defendant's, or witness's. (The crowd murmurs)

Rudy: (Slams her gavel) I will have order!

Shadow: 'I've done it... I've won!”

Cardstack: So... So...

Shadow: So there was another person at the crime scene. A 4th party involved in the murder!

Cardstack: It... Would seem that way, yes...

Shadow: Since this 4th party has not testified, I believe it's impossible to judge my client at this point in time.

Rudy: I agree. This matter must be investigated further. Until then... (Slams gavel) This court is adjourned.

At the courthouse...

Josephine: Mr. Shadow, that was incredible! I... (Sees that Shadow is gone) Mr. Shadow?

Graystone: He does that.

Cardstack: Detective!

Graystone: Yeah?

Cardstack: Why didn't I hear about the business card until now?!

Graystone: We didn't know it was there.

Cardstack: Didn't know? DIDN'T KNOW?! You're a detective! You're supposed to investigate these thoroughly!

Graystone: Hey, get off my back, will ya? We'll get her soon enough! Uh, no offense, Miss Jones.

Josephine: Eh.

Meanwhile, Shadow stands on the of the courthouse, pondering...

Shadow: 'There was a 4th party at the crime scene... I've proven that much. But I can't figure out who... It'd have to be someone who Mrs. Zajrate would cover for... Someone who would hate either Mr. Roman or Miss Jones enough to frame them... Wait.' I think I know just the guy.

The Shadow Attorney - Case 2, Part 1
Well, here it is! The update none of you have been waiting for! (Except :iconshadowrune01:) XD

This is the revamped version of part 1 of episode 2 The Shadow Attorney! It took a LONG TIME to get right, but I'm really happy with how this turned out.

If any of you have the willpower to read 14 pages of text, please read, let me know what you think, and share if you can!

Lorenz's States and Capitals (YouTube Video) by FireballDragon
Lorenz's States and Capitals (YouTube Video)
Hey! It's another video! This time, of me singing Wakko's States and Capitals from Animaniacs!

...You have NO IDEA how many takes this took.

Rob's Dempsey Roll by FireballDragon
Rob's Dempsey Roll
So! Guess which anime I just started watching/loving the Hell out of!

I've always wanted to do a side story of Rob being a boxer, or make a whole new story about boxing (The latter seems more likely, seeing as I DO have an idea for it), and this is a products of that desire.

Boxing intrigues me. It's certainly not something I'd take up, but still.

You can't really seeing due to it being obscured by the motion waves, but I did a HORRENDOUS job on the legs. Boots are kinda hard to get right... Eh, I still think I did good overall.

EDIT: NOW I HAVE A GAME UPLOADED FOR DOWNLOAD! It's in my gallery, or you can just download it here:…

If I put downloadable games up in my gallery (In .zip or .rar files, because dA won't allow .exe files), will you give them a try?

I dabble in game making from time to time, and I haven't done anything real fancy (I've only completed 1 very small game so far), but I'd like to see if you would try them.

Would you?


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My name is Lorenz Angelo Arriola, but many know me as FireballDragon on the internet. I am a huge fan of cartoons and animation, and video games pique my interest, as long as they aren't boring. Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, and Ghost Trick, are some of my favorites.

Anyway, I've been here for a while now, but I've never really been noticed. This is detrimental to my goal of becoming a professional cartoonist, but c'est la vie.

Yes, I wish to become a professional cartoonist. Not Chuck Jones level or Eiichiro Oda level (No matter how much I've been influenced by Oda), but I'd at least like to rub elbows with C.H. Greenblatt or Bryan Lee O'Malley.

I know the path will be long and difficult, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see my ideas on TV.

Well, I believe I've said enough, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy my mediocre (For now) cartoons!

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